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bMobilized: Saviour of the Mobile Web or a Quick-Fix Solution?

Fluidblog - Manchester, UK, June 14th 2012
"...there has been a bit of an explosion in quick-fix mobile website optimisers, the latest of which is bMobilized."

Announcing the 2012 OnMobile 100 Top Private Companies

AlwaysOn - Silicon Valley, June 13th 2012
OnMobile 100 - The top companies that are disrupting the establishment and creating viable business models for the mobile marketplace.

How to Make Your Site Mobile Ready in Just 30 Seconds

Mashable Tech - New York, June 11 2012
bMobilized has released a new do-it-yourself tool that instantly converts a website into a full-featured HTML5-enabled mobile site in just a few clicks.

Startup Alley Companies

TechCrunch Disrupt - NYC, May 19-23rd 2012
bMobilized attends TechCrunch disrupt, and demos advanced DIY website-to-HTML5 mobile site conversion technology.