Optimized Mobile Websites

"Two minutes later, I had a mobile website." - Peter Murray, CEO


Talon Helicopters is the number one supplier of helicopter services in the Vancouver area. Their helicopters have been used to shoot scenes for major Hollywood productions including Twilight and Final Destination; they provide dedicated news choppers for Canada’s CTV News channel; and they support firefighting and search and rescue missions throughout the region.


In 2010, Talon’s Peter Murray received the Leadership Award from the National Search and Rescue Awards of Excellence Program in return for his 20 years of service. Hundreds of potential clients visited the company’s site, but many of them had the same complaint: they couldn’t navigate it on their smartphones.


Peter instantly converted Talon’s desktop website using the bMobilized Automatic Content Identifier. “I entered my URL, and there it was,” he said. “I designed the desktop website for Talon Helicopters myself, even though I’m not a programmer. I’m a pilot and a businessman. But given the simplicity of bMobilized’s tools, I didn’t need programming expertise to launch a mobile website. Their WYSIWYG tools got me up and running very quickly,” Peter said. The next time Talon makes the news, curious smartphone users will have instant access to all the information they need.

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