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"How could it be this simple?, bMobilized amazes me." - Ryan Kanzeg, Founder


SubAddacus is an add-on that turns Twitter into a calculator. Use tweets to privately track anything from expenses to calories with their “Direct Message” service, or track resources with other people using “Shared Accounts”.


Given its primary offer, the SubAddacus mobile site needed full Twitter integration. Most mobile solutions don’t provide it.


After trying numerous vendors, SubAddacus founder Ryan Kanzeg came to bMobilized hoping to find the customization tools he needed for Twitter integration. “Users of our site needed a way to authorize SubAddacus to use their Twitter accounts. I was hoping to find customization tools that would allow me to add that functionality, and most vendors didn’t offer them." bMobilized offers a full Customization Suite, but Ryan didn’t need to use it. “It took me just a few minutes to get the site up and running, and the Twitter authorization didn’t require any customization. It worked automatically.”

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