Optimized Mobile Websites

"bMobilized is perfect for us to mobilize our customers websites." - Nathan Nerland, Co-Founder


NADA Advertising is boutique agency based in St. Paul, Minnesota, with locations in Laguna Beach, California and Seattle, Washington. Their clients include major brands such as GameStop, Pepto-Bismol and CNBC.


According to co-founder Nathan Nerland, NADA Advertising offers “every solution our clients need for marketing support.” They offer their clients a full set of services, from retail marketing campaigns to web development and search engine optimization. But when they decided to expand into mobile marketing, they needed a partner to help them scale.


To build and serve mobile websites for their clients, NADA Advertising uses bMobilized’s Partner and Reseller tools, including the Automatic Content Identifier, the Customization Suite, and the Mobile Engine. “We use Google Analytics to monitor our clients’ online performance. When we see something like 10 percent of their traffic coming through smartphones, we discuss the possibility of creating a mobile site for them.”

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