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Talon mobile website

Talon Helicopters

Talon Helicopters’ Peter Murray instantly converted Talon’s desktop website using the bMobilized Automatic Content Identifier. “I entered my URL, and there it was.”

“I designed the desktop website for Talon Helicopters myself, even though I’m not a programmer. I’m a pilot and a businessman. But given the simplicity of bMobilized’s tools, I didn’t need programming expertise to launch a mobile website. Their WYSIWYG tools got me up and running very quickly,” Peter said. “Every business needs new customers to keep it refreshed. By quickly making my mobile site available, bMobilized helped me reach potential customers. That means more revenues, and faster growth.” The next time Talon makes the news, curious smartphone users will have instant access to all the information they need.

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After trying numerous vendors, SubAddacus founder Ryan Kanzeg came to bMobilized hoping to find the customization tools he needed for Twitter integration. “Users of our site needed a way to authorize SubAddacus to use their Twitter accounts. I was hoping to find customization tools that would allow me to add that functionality, and most vendors didn’t offer them." bMobilized offers a full Customization Suite, but Ryan didn’t need to use it. “It took me just a few minutes to get the site up and running, and the Twitter authorization didn’t require any customization. It worked automatically.”

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Nada Advertising

To build and serve mobile websites for their clients, NADA Advertising uses bMobilized’s Partner and Reseller tools, including the Automatic Content Identifier, the Customization Suite, and the Mobile Engine. “We use Google Analytics to monitor our clients’ online performance. When we see something like 10 percent of their traffic coming through smartphones, we discuss the possibility of creating a mobile site for them.”

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Sam’s Fine Jewelry

Sam’s Fine Jewelry has been offering their clients full jewelry services since 1988. Owner Sam Soueissi strives to give his clients exactly what they want and desire, with a personal touch that comes from managing the same retail location for over 20 years.

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Wright's Sound Gallery

“Just about everything I sell has to do with a smartphone: TVs, Blu-Ray players, even your entire home can be controlled with an iPhone. I needed to have a really cool mobilized website,” John said. He reviewed a number of options before settling on bMobilized: “Every other company either wanted to build a completely new website, or force you to have completely different websites. I wanted something much simpler.” He found that in bMobilized. “I fell in love with bMobilized. You can just set it and forget it. For me, that’s a home run.”

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